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We drilled for water in the midst of the drought in Cape Town for home consumption purposes. The major issue we knew that was a challenge for groundwater in Cape Town specifically in some instances is the metal content and unpure quality there off, that makes the groundwater unsafe for human consumption in the long run. When we successfully found groundwater we needed to determine the extent of these issues and then needed to find a way to purify the water and remove all the dangerous material from the water to make it save for human consumption. We did our research and Derick from Wise Water Ways came highly recommended. After meeting with them they tested the water to determine the quality thereof.  Based on the results from the water test, they presented us with a solution which was supported by diagrams, reading material and a detailed summary that explained what they recommended and the reason thereof. The solution presented is totally automated and run autonomous. Derick and his team came to do the installation exactly as presented within the budget that accompanied the presentation. In my view they went beyond from what any person would expect from their suppliers.  What distinguished them for me was their skill and expertise, their trustworthiness (they did what they said and no surprises), attention to detail and their after sales service. They returned numerous times on their own accord to ensure the system works properly as presented and that we were satisfied.  Whenever any issue was reported we received same day or next day service.

Regards, An unbiased satisfied client.



Wise Water Ways has been an absolute lifesaver for my borehole water/ garden. During the relentless water restrictions around day Zero in Cape Town I decided to invest in a borehole to keep the garden alive. Unfortunately, the borehole water was very high in iron. The Treatment Plant installed by Wise Water Ways has been amazing and has cleared the water of all Iron so that I have no ugly orange marks on walls etc.

Maintenance of the System is very easy, and Derick and team are very helpful if I have ever had any issues re pressure etc.

I fully recommend these guys as it is a wonderful product for a place that will always have water issues.


Cape Town

We live in Northcliff Hermanus in the Western Cape. Northcliff is known for the iron content of underground water.

Our borehole delivers a strong flow and we had a complete garden irrigation system installed and the test showed iron but not too serious. It soon became apparent that the iron was causing discoloration of the walls etc. We had also had the house plumbed to use borehole water to flush the toilets, but the iron made this problematic.

A friend suggested we have an iron removal system installed and suggested Water Wise Ways who had installed his system.

We went ahead and have almost iron free water. The installation was on time to budget and Derick has followed up regularly whenever he is in the area.

I can recommend Water Wise Ways for anyone who has similar problems.



Public provision of services such as water and electricity has become unreliable and expensive. By becoming more self-sufficient, we can help to secure our own supply and alleviate shortages. During installation we experienced no meaningful issues and process unfolded as planned. 

The water treatment plant is very efficient and we have high degree of confidence that we are drinking quality water. We also rely on the water for household use and for irrigation.
Derick was highly professional and went out his way to educate us on the system. The true test of this kind of service is after sales service. Wise Water Ways were available whenever we had a question, even on Sundays. Turnaround time on any issues was pretty much immediate. Would highly recommend them, efficient service and always with a smile